Clinical Personal Training

After an injury has been treated, the risk of reoccurrence is very high. Usually the advice is to strengthen the injured area and make the overall body more functional and even stronger than its pre-injured state. Your musculoskeletal practitioner will give you a program of exercises to follow in the treatment stage of injury, but once you are injury free, this particular phase of your rehab is complete.

Often, the patient does not complete the exercises set, or lacks understanding about how to go about physical restructuring to avoid further injury and ensure that they get the most from their exercise regime.

So what’s next?

Stroud Sports Clinic is pleased to offer varied Clinical Personal Training packages. Your musculoskeletal practitioner will complete a treatment note to refer you to one of our highly skilled and experienced team of personal trainers. The treatment note will detail guidance about any conditions you may have and the personal trainer will then tailor your individual prescription of exercise. The personalised prescription service comprises a fitness assessment or biomechanical screening, gym or homecare programs, goal setting and 1:1 sessions.

Your information, progress and programme of exercise will be provided in your own portfolio. With this service you have the assurance that your trainer and musculoskeletal practitioner are working together to ensure you receive a high quality service that will achieve the best results possible.

Upon completion of your Clinical Personal Training prescription, you will be referred back to your musculoskeletal practitioner for a follow up appointment. Full treatment notes from the trainer will give you a complete record of your progress from initial injury to full rehabilitation and beyond and demonstrates our commitment to offering a high quality, tailored and responsive service.

Personal Training

If you simply want to improve your overall health and wellbeing, our team of highly qualified and experienced trainers will help you set out your goals and structure your lifestyle in a way to help you meet them.

Our service offers regular screening and tailored program design, alongside regular face to face training as required. This can be linked with our other services eg. nutrition advice for weight management or sports and remedial massage to aid injury recovery.

You will be given a client portfolio containing all assessment results and program cards and offers an excellent way to benchmark your progress. In addition you will have full online and phone support to compliment your face to face sessions.

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