Clinical & Corrective Exercise

It does not matter if you are an athlete, recreational exercise fan or someone who leads a sedentary lifestyle; the stresses and strains placed upon your body can lead to major dysfunctions over time.

From the stooped position of a person sat at a desk all day, to the racket sport athlete with an overdeveloped dominant side - muscular imbalance greatly increases the risk of injury.

Corrective exercise uses a series of single and multiple joint screens to assess where these muscular imbalances lie. Muscle over-dominance or hyper-tonicity to lack of power and weakness all can be helped via a corrective program. Dynamically stretching and strengthening muscle tissues can correct faulty movement patterns, reduce risk of injury and improve overall function and wellbeing.

Corrective exercise can also be used effectively for management of non-specific lower back pain, correction of poor spinal alignment, as well as for general health and improved sports performance.

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