Hydro Therapy

Hydrotherapy, also known as Aquatic Therapy, is available through referral from Stroud Sports Clinic Ltd, with Jenny McLaughlin, an experienced Physiotherapist.

The purpose built pool at St Roses is an excellent facility, heated to 35 degrees centigrade, right here in Stroud. The pool water is cleaned using Ultra Violet light so that chemical use is kept low.

Jenny uses her aquatic therapy skills as an evidence based approach to work with patients of all ages suffering from a range of conditions. There are proven effects following joint replacement, musculoskeletal injury as well as for neurological conditions and motor coordination difficulties. She has experience working in many pools locally and in Harley Street, whilst in private practice in London. Jenny rehabilitated international rugby players from the Tongan Islands, who had no access to a hydrotherapy pool, in the warm seas of the south Pacific!

Warm water is a perfect environment for physiotherapy for many painful conditions and for rehabilitation after injury. The heat increases circulation and lymphatic drainage which is excellent for reducing swelling and pain. The hydrostatic pressure of the water supports the body, allowing skills to be practiced in the pool that can not comfortably be achieved “on land”. Dynamic balance is practiced and improved in a safe, challenging, enjoyable way. Jenny delivers a range of techniques to improve strength and function, using turbulence in the water to create hydrodynamic resistance (like weight resistance on land) she can guide you with hands on techniques to strengthen your muscles and mobilise stiff joints.

In addition the Jacuzzi function in the pool delivers massaging, sensory effects. Thereby stimulating the body to produce its own “feel good” hormones, great for relaxation or stimulation.

Please email us for more details.

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